Past events


Thursday 15th June 2023

Talk by Gemma Curto at Newcastle University.

Wednesday 10 to Thursday 11 May 2023
Pam Liversidge Building, University of Sheffield

The third instalment of ShARC Tales, a two-day symposium hosted by the Sheffield Animal Studies Research Centre.

ShARC Ethics and Politics Seminar Series:
Gary O'Brien (Oxford), commentary by Katie Prosser (Leeds)

11 April 2023

3 April 2023

Online via Google meet

Reflections, Revisions and New Horizons. An event organised by ShARC to mark the 50th anniversary of Peter Singer's "Animal Liberation".

30 January 2023


ShARC Ethics and Politics Seminar Series:
Jeff Sebo (NYU) presents The Moral Circle, commentary by Gary O’Brien

6 December 2022
Room 109, Elmfield Building, University of Sheffield and online via Google Meet

Reading group:
ShARC presents a reading group discussion of A First Rate Material' from Life Ceremony by Sayaka Murata

21 November 2022
Online via Google Meet

8 November 2022
Alfred Denny Conference Room, University of Sheffield

27 October 2022 (cancelled due to illness - check back for rescheduled date)
Diamond, Lecture Theatre 8

20 October 2022
National Videogame Museum, Sheffield

Talks from Tom Tyler, Eva Giraud, and Peter Sands

Katherine Ebury, ‘Animal Rights and Human Rights: A Law and Literature Approach to Arthur Conan Doyle’s ‘The Adventure of Silver Blaze’ (1892) and ‘The Case of Mr George Edalji’ (1907)’

21 September 2022
The Diamond, Lecture Theatre 8

Michael Lawrence, ‘Red Meat, Black Film: Beef, Crime and Desire in Film Noir’

4 May 2022
Alfred Denny Conference Room, University of Sheffield

In addition to Michael’s talk, there was also a Q&A session with Michael, led by Bob McKay. ShARC organised the event in partnership with SCRiF.

Rescheduled: ShARC Tales

12-13 May 2022
Humanities Research Institute, University of Sheffield

The symposium includes two keynote speakers, as well as two workshops:

7-8 July 2022
University of Sheffield

Call for papers



Half-day event, 28 April 2020 (cancelled due to covid-19)

ShARC's half-day event featuring three speakers.

With talks from: Siobhan O’Sullivan, Senior Lecturer at the University of New South Wales and host of the amazing Knowing Animals podcast; Angela Martin, political philosopher and PRIMA-Grant researcher at the University of Basel; and Robert Garner, professor of political theory (specialising in animal rights) at the University of Leicester.

Dolly Jørgensen, 21 April 2020 (cancelled due to covid-19)

A talk from environmental historian Dolly Jørgensen, Professor of History at the University of Stavanger.


Animal Remains

29-30 April 2019
Humanities Research Institute, University of Sheffield

Keynote speakers:

Artist in Residence: Steve Baker, The University of Central Lancashire, UK

This conference was generously supported by BIOSEC and the White Rose College of the Arts and Humanities.

Read Sarah Bezan’s report on Animal Remains on our blog.

27 March 2019
Jessop Building Seminar Room 215


8-9 November 2018
Humanities Research Institute, University of Sheffield

The inaugural ShARC Tales Workshop.


12 December 2017
Portabello Centre Pool Seminar Room B59a

31 March 2017
University of Sheffield

14 February 2017
Hicks Building HI-LTD

2 February 2017
Arts Tower, Room AT-LT05


Reading group:
Dinesh Wadiwel’s The War Against Animals

6 December 2016
9 Mappin Street, 9MS-G14

British Animal Studies Network presents: Conserving (Conference)

18-19 November 2016
Humanities Research Institute, University of Sheffield

Plenary speakers:
Rosaleen Duffy (University of Sheffield); David Farrier (University of Edinburgh); Helen Tiffin (University of Wollongong)

Research seminar:
Sune Borkfelt, ‘Sensing the Animal in Slaughterhouse Fictions’

15 November 2016
Firth Court, Room F02a

Read the abstract

18 October 2016
Hicks Building, Seminar Room F30

Research seminar:
Carrie Rohman, 'Isadora Duncan and the Creature in the Soul'

16 June 2016
Jessop West Seminar Room 8

Professor Carrie Rohman of Lafayette College is both a semi-professional dancer and one of the foremost scholars of literary animal studies; she has published widely, including her first monograph Stalking the Subject: Modernism and the Animal and essays on Rebecca West, Rachel Rosenthal, J.M. Coetzee, Virgina Woolf and Italo Calvino.

Research seminar:
Mara-Daria Cojocaru, 'Bringing animals to the table: pragmatist animal ethics in least developed countries'

19 May 2016
The Diamond, Meeting Room 1

Research seminar:
Krithika Srinivasan, 'Cattle cultures in contemporary india'

12 May 2016
Jessop West Seminar Room 6

Research seminar:
Sue Vice and David Forrest, 'Beyond Kes: Barry Hine's Birds'

27 April 2016
The Diamond, Meeting Room 1

Research seminar:
Alasdair Cochrane, 'Interspecies solidatiry: the case for labour rights for animals

25 February 2016
Jessop West Seminar Room 7


27 November 2015
Jessop West Seminar Room 8

Reading group:
The Animals Reading Group and the Gothic Reading Group invite you to: Creatures of the Deep

Film screening: The Call of Cthulu,
Short story: Ray Bradbury, 'The Fog Horn' (PDF, 27KB)

10 November 2015
Jessop West Seminar Room 7

Reading group:
Carol Adams, 'The sexual politics of meat'

12 October 2015
Jessop West Seminar Room 2

Read the intro: Carol Adams – Sexual Politics of Meat (PDF, 548KB)

Research seminar:
Marx and Animals

28 September 2015
Seminar Room C5, 301 Glossop Road

Speakers: Dinesh Wadiwel (Sociology, University of Sydney), Robert McKay (English, University of Sheffield), Charlotte Hay (Politics, University of Leicester)

Reading group:
Anat Pick, 'Why not look at animals?'

15 September 2015
Jessop West Seminar Room 2

Pick’s article is available online

An interview with Pick where she discusses the politics of animal images on the Knowing Animals podcast series:

Attendees were encouraged to view the (fantastic) interactive short documentary Bear 71, which forms the focus of the article:

Seminar Series

An archived program of our Spring 2014-15 seminar series can be found on our archived WordPress site.

Tom Tyler , “Being Prey: Endless Runner”
16 March 2015
Richard Roberts Building, B79.
Jointly hosted by Sheffield Centre for Visual Studies and Videogames Reading Group

Rosaleen Duffy, “Responsibility to protect? Ecocide, interventionism and saving biodiversity” and Siobhan O’Sullivan, “Who’s looking at what? The politics and ethics of drones in animal activism”
1st April 2015
Jessop West Seminar Room 8

Megan Cavell, “The Habits and Habitats of Old English Riddle-Animals”
15th April 2015
Humanities Research Institute (HRI)
Jointly hosted by Sheffield Medieval and Ancient Research Seminar

Naomi Sykes, “Human-animal studies in archaeology: views from the past, perspectives on the present”
29th April 2015
Richard Roberts Building B79

Umberto Albarella and Angelos Hadjikoumis, “Humans, livestock and their landscape: past, present and future”
5 May 2015 Day symposium
Jessop West Exhibition Space

David Herman, “Storytelling beyond the Human: Modelling Animal Experiences in Narrative Worlds”
6 May 2015
Richard Roberts Building, A87
Jointly hosted with School of English Research Seminar

Lourdes Orozco, “Thinking about the Posthuman Actor: Animals in Performance Practices”
20 May 2015
Humanities Research Institute (HRI) seminar rooms
Jointly hosted with School of English Research Seminar

Reading and Discussion Group

An archive of our 2014-15 reading group is online on our archived WordPress site.


Reading Animals

17–20 July, 2014
University of Sheffield

A major international English Studies conference focused on literary animal studies.

Keynote speakers at the conference were Tom Tyler, Erica Fudge, Laura Brown, Kevin Hutchings, Diana Donald, Cary Wolfe, and Susan McHugh.

Animal Machines: Animals and/as Technologies

Hosted at the University of Sheffield on 18th October, 2013, Animal Machines was a one-day interdisciplinary symposium to examine the interrelations of animals and technology, featuring contributions from literature, film, the social sciences, and information studies.

The pervasive association of animality and technicity is not only an ontological question but also structures various material and representational practices. Western philosophy has long struggled with this relation, particularly in the aftermath of Descartes’ famous assertion of the mechanistic essence of animality. The ethical and political dimensions of these ontological questions are brought into focus in concrete ways through the lived experience of both humans and nonhuman animals in their everyday embodied interaction with technologies.


Anat Pick, Seán McCorry, Fabienne Collignon, Clara Mancini, Richard Twine, Robert McKay, John Miller, Matthew Cole, Emily Thew.

An archive of the symposium is available here.

The Animal Gaze Returned

The Animal Gaze returned was a major exhibition of contemporary animal-themed artworks, hosted at the Sheffield Institute of Arts Gallery, Sheffield Hallam University, 2nd August – 2nd September, 2013.

You can view the photostream of the “The Animal Gaze Returned” exhibition on Flickr.

When you are caught in The Animal Gaze Returned, you will find that the fascination of animal worlds poses conceptual and ethical challenges to human priorities. Artists in this exhibition question the way humans look at animals, how animals return that look, and how this shapes human interactions with them; how people connect, and often don’t connect, with other beings.

In The Animal Gaze Returned, contemporary artists extend and complicate traditions in Fine Art by representing animals as more than objects of decoration or status. They use strategies that usurp conventions of anthropomorphic symbolism to recognize that animals’ visual presence – and ability to look – shape and are shaped by a wide variety of media, from painting, video and photography to sculpture and performance.


Suky Best, Olivier Richon, Andrea Roe, Bob and Roberta Smith, Rosemarie McGoldrick, Darren Harvey-Regan, Steve Baker, Lucy Powell, Snæbjörnsdóttir/Wilson, Ian Brown, Aurelia Mihai, Greta Alfaro, Cartwright and Jordan, Kathy High and Edwina Ashton.


Chloë Brown, artist, senior lecturer in Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University,

Rosie McGoldrick, artist, senior lecturer in Fine Art at The CASS, London Metropolitan University and Dr. Robert McKay, writer and lecturer in English Literature at University of Sheffield.

An Animal Space

The exhibition An Animal Space took place in the Jessop West Building foyer at University of Sheffield from 2 August to 30 August. It displayed the early results of an ongoing collaboration between Chloë Brown and Robert McKay (curators of The Animal Gaze Returned), which brings the methods of contemporary art practice and literary criticism into conversation to reflect on human fascination by and use of other animals.

The exhibition combined sculpture, drawing and text and explores the connections, real and imaginary, between the photographic, material and textual traces of those animals who undertook early space flights, and the representation of such animals in postwar literary fiction. The works respond with empathy and playfulness to this history of dogs, spiders, mice and monkeys as astronauts (animalnauts?) and leave the viewer wondering — what flights of imagination are necessary to truly encounter animals in space? Also displayed as part of the exhibition, An Illustrated Theriography comprises high quality reproductions of jacket designs, illustrative quotations and exploratory annotations; it offers a visual record of the animal worlds presented in some of the most unusual and imaginative postwar literature.

A photostream archive of the exhibition is available on Flickr.