Tom Tyler

‘Game: Animals, Video Games, and Humanity: Book Launch’

20 October, 68.30pm
National Videogame Museum, Sheffield

There was a social at Kommune after the event.

About Tom Tyler and Game:

Dr Tom Tyler is a Lecturer of Digital Culture at the University of Leeds. He undertakes research in three broad areas: the history of ideas, particularly different varieties of anthropocentric thought; animals, particularly their mistreatment both in theory and in practice; and videogames, particularly the values and roles that they offer players. 

Game: Animals, Video Games, and Humanity

“The word game can refer to a particular kind of animal (birds and mammals hunted for sport, such as ducks and deer); an activity (games people play, such as Monopoly and Pac-Man); or an attitude (when applied to those who are eager or willing, for instance to try something new). The thirteen essays which comprise this collection examine, then, how the animals encountered in videogames challenge the adventurous player to think differently about both.

From Dung Beetles to Dog’s Life by way of Ridiculous Fishing, Super Meat Boy, Trojan Horse and a miscellany of other games, essays interrogate conventional thinking about winning and losing, vitality and vulnerability, virtuality, rumination, difficulty settings and more, and, as a result, reconsider the ways in which we can or should understand humanity.”

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