Monthly Seminar Series

Mondays,  4-5pm
In person in 315, meeting room 1, The Diamond; online via


Sheffield Animal studies Research Centre (ShARC) and Science, Technology & Medicine in Society (STemiS) are collaborating on a seminar series this year which will draw together animal studies and science and technology studies.

The programme is as follows:

23rd October 2023 Eben Kirksey (University of Oxford) 'Chemopower in Multispecies Worlds'

20th November 2023 Charlotte Wrigley (University of Stavanger) Book Talk: Earth, Ice, Bone, Blood: Permafrost and Extinction in the Russian Arctic

22nd January 2024 Selen Eren (University of Groningen) 'Building Knowledge Infrastructures for Intermittent Care in Conservation Science'

19th February 2024 Jon Henrik Remme (University of Bergen) 'The times of lobsters: Exploring human-marine temporalities in Maine's lobster fishery'

18th March 2024 Yamini Narayanan (Deakin University) 'Animal Abjection to "everday multispecies brilliance" in global development: Enforced animal labor and suffering in peripheral capitalism of Indian brick kilns'

15th April 2024 Alex Blanchette (Tufts University) 'The Biology of Dignity: Worker Solidarity and American Pig Bodies'

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